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The Clear Bag Shop

We are a family company, who have been devastated by the recent events in crowded places. We have children and recognise the need to keep us all safe. Sharing the responsibility is how we can help.


Over our two years of successful operation we have worked with Senior Crowded places Security Experts to enhance our bags and range. We have been involved with the members Venue Managements Association Asia Pacific, which include our largest Stadium owners and operators across Australian, New Zealand and Asia, to assist in a uniformed approach to clear bags requirements.


As the owners of The Clear Bag Shop, we are keen to encourage a philanthropic aspect to our business. Please consider adding a charitable levy for your favourite charity with our bulk orders. Our experience in the “Not for Profit industry” has shown us that a little can go a long way. We would like to think that our business will help others.

Clear Bags

SCG Trust encourages fans to use clear bags – SCG

“This is all about giving our patrons the option to speed up their entry to the venue,” Mr Barkley said. “People carrying clear bags or no bags will be processed faster in separate queues. Others who use traditional bags will be directed to a separate queue where they may be required to empty their contents…”